Foam and Sawdust

We have been brainstorming and researching different cheap and efficient ways to create foliage for miniature trees. We bought some wood shavings for 60p, a second hand foam cushion for £1 and a mini food chopper to chop the foam in for £15. We died it all with paint and ended up with this…image

imageHopefully they look convincing once dry and added to the set :)

Production photos from Monsterous Murders so far!

We set up a Kickstarter campaign to help get some funding for our next stop-motion short, Monsterous Murders. We worked out a budget for the minimum amount we would need to be able to make this film and came up with £1500. It had been active for a week and we were already 90% of the way towards our funding goal. The thing we can’t get over is the amount of people who we don’t know that are backing us, it’s really amazing to be attracting new people that like what we do. :)

We are now 2 weeks in and we are at 102%! We have made a stretch goal for £2000, would be amazing if we can reach it, we’d be able to improve on some things like our lighting equipment, which would really improve the look of the film. But for now, we are really happy at reaching our goal! There are 2 weeks left, so finger’s crossed we can make it!

A big thank you to Paul Wells for including our film Electreecity in the program “Puppets in British Animation: Contemporary Animation (2000 - 2010)” during Anifest 2012 in Teplice on the 29th April.

'The Cave's First Festival

A couple of months ago we entered ‘The Cave’ into it’s first festival  and completely forgot about it. To our surprise we found out the other day that we were accepted into it!

We are now in the top 20 for the Anima Mundi Web and Cell competition.

If you get a chance, please sign up and vote for us HERE.

Innocent Smoothies Mini Movies Competition

A month ago we found out that Innocent Smoothies were holding a competition to make an advert with the chance to have it shown on Television. Even though we were both really busy, we decided to do it. We filmed it in only 2 days using desk lamps for lighting, not so proffessional, but it did the job!

Since we were following the style of the Innocent advert, it meant no digital effects, therefore there was no compositing needed. Which meant less post production for us to do. We finished the sound and editing on Friday 15th and uploaded it. And now it’s time to patiently wait for Monday to see if we get into the top 5! 

Still from Electreecity published in Stop Motion by Barry Purves.

Still from Electreecity published in Stop Motion by Barry Purves.